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Breakfast ideas

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

What you eat in the morning can have a huge impact on energy levels, moods and cravings throughout the day. Always include a source of protein to keep you satiated and add whole fruit or veg. Think outside of the (cereal) box and try something new!

Jumbo Oat porridge, swirled with nut butter or tahini

Homemade muesli

Homemade banana and nut bread

Homemade breakfast muffins

Eggy bread / French toast made with sourdough

Heavy, dense breads e.g. good quality sour dough, rye, whole grain.

Something on toast e.g nut butter and fresh berries, avocado slices, eggs, homemade beans or smoked salmon.

Breakfast smoothie

Live yoghurt/kefir with nuts and fruit

Banana oatmeal muffins

Bircher muesli/ overnight oats


Healthy cooked breakfast of eggs, tomatoes, lean back bacon, mushrooms and spinach.

Smoked salmon

Homemade granola

Chia seed pudding



Yum yum plate, (a selection of cut fruit, nuts, cheese, salmon etc. Always include protein. Make it your own).

The best shop-bought choices are:

Oats, anything non-sweetened oat based

Non sweetened muesli such as Rude Health – always check the ingredients as the varieties vary.

Lizzy's low sugar granola

Always check the ingredients on anything shop bought. Sugar content can be sky high, even in the best quality looking granola, 4g sugar = 1 x tsp

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