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My coaching style combines a unique blend of creativity, wisdom and humour to nourish the body and mind. A creative space can slow down unhelpful mind chatter, provide an open mind and therefore offer clearer thinking. Hands on creative play can be the vehicle to change, which enables us to access a deeper awareness, explore limiting behaviour patterns and habits and gain different perspectives to help solve any challenge. No artistic ability is needed for Action Journaling!


My clients are keen to redesign their lives. Together we develop an Action Journal, a visual journal using collage, documenting their journey towards a goal or change, learning that challenges and obstacles are just a part of, but not the full journey. Together we identify blocks, wheedle out unconscious limiting beliefs and challenge unhelpful patterns of thought, inspiring change as the way through reveals itself.


These visual representations help you to evolve, slow down your thoughts, navigate your path. Learning to curate your thoughts, will help you to see your visual journey develop and allow you to see how different images live on the page in relation to one another. This highlights what you would like to explore further and it is easier for you to recall certain visuals rather than lists of words.


When we build creativity into our day we give ourselves a break from negative thinking., and when we are absorbed in an activity, our body and mind have a chance to rest, re-energise and restore. As everyone’s path to breakthrough is different  my intention and approach reflect the pace and individuality of each client.

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