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A happy, healthy, creative lifestyle is where my passion lies. For me this includes cooking and eating good food, connecting with clients, painting, reading, spending time outside being in the seasons and time with friends and family. However, it's taken me a bit of time and work to feel this content.

As my children got older, their needs and my needs obviously changed. This change crept up on me and suddenly I realised that I felt unfulfilled and a bit depleated. Where I had once been preoccupied with the school run, work, homework, clubs, dinner etc., now I had more time to focus on me. It was a bit of a shock!

This is how my method of Action Journaling started to take shape. I love to be creative and I also find using pictures easier than words to evoke a feeling in me. 

Once I realised that I needed to use my coaching skills on myself in order to move forward, I began by creating a Vision Board. I did this in conjunction with reading loads of self development books. The more I was reading and feeling inspired to change, the more I wanted to update my Vision Board (which turned into many boards!) and so I got myself small sketch book and started to use that as a sort of evolving, growth Vision Board.


Whilst reading The Source by Dr Tara Swart, I noted that she calls Vision Boards Action Boards because in order to manifest any type of change you need to take Action.  That is when the idea of Action Journaling clicked.


 I now use Action Journaling when coaching others. It's a method that seems to grow and develop beautifully with whoever is doing it. Having a tangible visual resource to look back and reflect on as well as for moving forward and growing with is much more powerful than just coaching with words. 


To find out more please contact me: I will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Sophie Chalk




I’m available to see clients face to face from my place of work in Manuden, Bishop’s Stortford.


I can connect with clients wherever they are in the world, via Skype or Zoom

Follow us on Instagram @sophie.monkeychatter

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